Dentist’s work is connected with the high burden of the sight. It calls for precision and, above all, good visibility. Because of that matters illuminating the operating field (patient’s oral cavity) and the treatment field (area around the head where dentist is moving during the treatment)as well as the whole cabinet is of the big importance. The lamps which are an integrated part of the dental unit equipment are responsible for the proper level of illumination.

The task of STARlight Led lamps is to illuminate the operating field according to PN-EN 12464-1 norm. The most crucial parameters are: brightness, colours temperature and colour rendering index (CRI). The lightness is changeable and dependent from the distance a particular area is illuminated, and because of that facts we have to fit the particular power of a light. In order to adjust to the different architectural conditions STARlight LED lamps are available in five powers. Draft nr 1 will be very useful while choosing the most appropriate lamp depending on the height of its installment.

Attention should we also paid to the fact of installing lamp above the unit, so as to have the right amount of light when the patient is either sitting or lying.

Placing the lamp above the dentist’s chair is shown in the second draft. In the dental rooms with the area not bigger than 16m2 lamp installed above the chair also provides the proper, required level of the light (500 lux) in the remaining part of the surgery. In cases of bigger dental rooms it is recommended to apply exposure ,,STARlight LED” lamps which guarantee light of identical parameters. Then we ask you to mail us the plan of the surgery with unit and furniture placed and we will select the amount and kind of lamps for you.



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